UN panel push for youths

Kathmandu, October 23:

To increase dialogue and knowledge sharing between the United Nations (UN) systems and Nepali youths as well as improve young people’s participation in designing, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of UN programmes, UN Country Team (UNCT) today launched the UN Youth Advisory Panel in Nepal.

The panel of 10 youths from various social backgrounds is expected to coordinate UN strategic

opportunities and necessary actions for effective implementation of UN Development Assistance Framework in Nepal and advise on youth issues of Millennium Development Goals.

Robert Piper, UN resident and humanitarian coordinator in Nepal, said, “The rise of ‘Youth Groups’ of various political affiliations must be recognised as a statement by youths on their willingness to be agents of change in New Nepal. They may yet also prove to be a very real threat to the peace process itself.”

“Nepal’s youth will ultimately be responsible for building the New Nepal,” said Piper.

“They need to be heard as the blueprints are developed. Their ideas and inputs on how to build a democratic, inclusive and prosperous society are vital. I am very pleased to express our assurance that young people’s voices will be heard at the UN.”

He added that panel was an initiative to help the UN system in Nepal better understand youth issues and prepare better and smarter responses to the very real challenges. Minister for Youth and Sports Gopal Shakya said his ministry had already begun the process of formulation of plans and policies to address youth issues and was expecting help from various

youth clubs and organisations on it. He added that the ministry was ready to cooperate and coordinate every activity related to the youths. This will immensely help the country’s youth develoopment programme.