UMN demands travel discount

Kathmandu, February 27

The United Madhesis of Nepal on today submitted a memo to Nepal’s Ambassador to India Deep Kumar Upadhyaya urging him to raise the issue of Indian railway reservation system denying senior citizens’ discount to Nepali citizens.

The UMN is a Mahottari based non-profit organisation that also has a branch in New Delhi, India.

The memo that the UMN posted on its website states that senior citizen discount is permitted on humanitarian grounds and should not be denied on the basis of travellers’ citizenship.

The UMN also stated that as per article 6 and 7 of the 1950 Nepal-India  Treaty of Peace and Friendship, both the countries  agree to grant, on reciprocal basis, the same privileges to nationals of one country in the territories of the other. “Nepal and India share special friendship and friendly political relations as also an open border. Citizens of both countries enjoy free movement in each other’s countries without requirement of visa,” the UMN said.