United we can combat crime: DIG

KAATHMANDU:Even as security bodies apparently seem to be working round-the-clock to ensure security, common people have not been able to heave a sigh of relief.

Bishnu Pandey, a mason, said, “We are frustrated now that the security agencies seem to have failed to combat crime in the society,” adding that the government, in spite of its tall promises, had both failed to improve law and order situation and provide a sense of relief for the common people.

When THT approached DIG Kuber Jung Rana, chief, Nepal Police Crime Department, he underscored the need for a stable government to be able to control criminal activities. “Only when the government is intolerant towards crime can we build a society free of crime. Moreover, political parties should refrain from providing protection to criminals,” he maintained.

In the year 2065/2066 BS, 13 cases of murder and robbery, 805 homicide, 147 robbery, 512 thefts, 131 human trafficking, 343 rapes, 1,161 accidents and 128 kidnapping were registered. Similarly, in the year 2064/2065 BS, 18 cases of murder and robbery, 859 homicide, 246 robbery, 528 thefts, 122 human trafficking, 309 rapes, 1,483 accidents and

95 kidnappings were registered.

DIG Rana believes “every citizen is a cop without a uniform” and must oppose crime in the society. If the police and the public joined hands, combating crime would be an easy task, he said. “NP is definitely taking stern measures against criminal activities. But we have limited resources ,” Rana said.