Upendra Devkota likens Constitution to NGO statute

KATHMANDU: Renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Upendra Dev, who is the coordinator of the Rastirya Jagaran Abhiyan Nepal, said Nepal was witnessing humanitarian crisis at present because the recently promulgated Constitution was like an NGO statute.

According to him, Nepal dramatically ended up with such a constitution due to the political leadership's  indulgence in "personal selfishness".

Dubbing the 12-Point New Delhi Understanding between the Seven Party Alliance and the then Maoist rebels in 2005 as unnatural, Dr. Devkota, who served as a minister during King Gyanendra's direct rule, went on to claim that the agenda of federalism and secularism, which he claimed was planted by the West, led Nepal to the humanitarian crisis through Indian blockade.

Speaking at an interaction programme organised by Sambad Dabali in Kathmandu, Dr. Devkota urged the government not to give in to India over the issue of blockade. But he was of the opinion that it was already too late to provide the general public facing crisis with alternatives to ease their life.

Dr. Devkota was of the opinion that the government no way should give in at the time people were eking out their living for the sake of nationalism. "Otherwise, it is certain that wrong elements will create chaos and push the country to disaster."

Speaking at the same programme, Bharat Dahal, an RJAN member, claimed that Nepal was forced to face a humanitarian crisis due to the clash of interests between the Indian leadership and the West in the Himalayan nation.

Likewise, Anar Singh Basnet, another member of RJAN, criticised the government saying it failed to boldly and effectively deal with the Indian blockade and the humanitarian crisis.