Valley saw 43 mishaps in past three days

Kathmandu, November 5:

A total of 43 accidents took place in the Valley in the past three days. According to Inspector Rajendra Bastola at the Valley Traffic Police Office (VTPO), Ramshahpath, two persons were killed in separate accidents in Kirtipur and Jorpati, while four others were critically injured.

Police said Santaman Maharjan and an unidentified child had been killed in the accidents at Kirtipur and Jorapati. In the twin accidents, 35 persons sustained minor injuries.

Traffic Police said the Valley saw fewer accidents this year than during the same period in previous years. Krishna Ranamagar, Senior Superintendent of Police at the VTPO, said the number of accidents during the festive season had gone down as the office had deployed extra traffic police personnel.

“We deployed very few traffic personnel during Dashain and Tihar due to the scant traffic at these times,” Rana said, adding, “however, this year we sent more police personnel on the roads as the number of accidents had increased during Dashain and Tihar in the past due to the increase in alcohol consumption.”