Violence against women on the rise: WOREC

KATHMANDU: Women Rehabilitation Centre (WOREC), a leading women rights organisation, reports the increase in the number of cases of violence against women (VAW) across the country.

The organisation said it reported as many as 206 VAW cases from across the district from mid-May to mid-June (the Nepali month of Jeth).

Total 131 cases were recorded in the previous month.

It has revealed that 12 per cent of the recorded cases last month were rape incidents while nine per cent were other sexual assaults.

More than half of the rape survivors (77 per cent) are minor, below the age of 16, according to WOREC.

Likewise, 36 per cent of the total recorded cases were physical assaults. Four per cent were beaten over dowry and witchcraft-related issues.

Similarly, 25 per cent of women were mentally tortured.

The organisation said the nationwide increase in the VAW cases was a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately.