Wannabe pilot held for conning people

Kathmandu, May 3 :

Twenty-six-year-old Yelan Gurung, a resident of Pokhara, was arrested on charges of swindling people a few days ago. Gurung, who wanted to be a pilot, could not pursue his dream due to lack of funds. Now, he is cooling his heels in a jail for having cheated various persons of over Rs five lakhs by posing as a pilot in uniform.

According to police inspector Tek Bahadur Tamang, Gurung was caught from Hotel Pisang.

Police said Gurung had ripped off Rs 22,000 from people at the Pisang Hotel, Rs 50,000 from various individuals in Pokhara, and Rs 5,000 from personnel at the Chahana Restaurant, among others.

Victims said Gurung introduced himself as an RNAC pilot and asked them if he could buy things for them in Bangkok, the destination that Gurung purported to fly regularly, police said. “Most people believed Gurung and gave him money to get them various items from Bangkok,” Tamang said.

Gurung, however, denied cheating anyone. He claimed, “I just borrowed money from some.”