Watermills come to locals’ aid

KATHMANDU: Improved watermills have turned out to be an economic boon for people in the rural areas.

According to Bhupendra Shakya, programme director of the 5000 Improved Water Mill project (IWM), the project plans to install 8,000 IWMs, including 6,400 short shaft, 1,280 long shafts and 320 electrified mills in the next phase.

“Some 2.49 million users in 40 hilly and mountainous districts would be benefited from the program. There is a great potential for IWMs in mid-western and far-western regions,” he said, adding, “Till April, we have been able to improve 5,016 units, including 4,359 short shafts and 657 long shafts.”

The water mill owners are earning Rs 5,000 to Rs 9,000 per month.

Centre for Rural Technology Nepal with support of Alternative Energy Promotion Centre under Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology and SNV-Netherlands Development Organisation recently completed installation of 5000 IWM in different districts in Nepal.