Kathmandu, November 29:

The World Bank mission, after a series of discussions with government authorities, has agreed to provide a grant of $60 million for the implementation of the five-year Higher Education Project II, Professor Dr Bidur Prasad Upadhayaya, chairman, University Grants Commission (UGC), said here today. The discussions began on last Tuesday.

Professor Upadhayaya said the mission had accepted the appraisal document for the HEP II

to provide the grant for the project.

“The mission agreed, among others, to provide $38 million for providing autonomy to public campuses and smaller universities and $7 million for Student financial assistance,” said Upadhyaya.

“The meeting also held discussions on other components of higher education reform programmes.”

“Tomorrow, the mission will hold the last leg of talks with the officials at the Ministry of Finance.”

“The agreement will be signed in the second week of January,” he said, adding: “The mission suggested minor amendments in some areas.”

The five-year project comprises reform grants ($38 million), Student financial assistance ($7 million), Higher secondary education ($13 million) and strengthening systemic capacity ($2 million).

Under the project, while the University Grants Commission will be the focal point for higher-level education, the Department of Education (DoE) will be the focal point for Higher Secondary and school- level education.

While the UGC will receive $48 million, the DoE will receive $12 million.