Westerly wind increases cold across Nepal

KATHMANDU: The westerly wind from the Mediterranean Sea has led to a sudden dip in temperature in various parts of the country including the Capital.

The temperature would continue to dip further and there is also a likelihood of sporadic drizzle until Monday, according to the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology.

"The cold will increase on Sunday and Monday due to the change in the weather, and will improve gradually only after Tuesday," meteorologist Subas Rimal said.

Though the minimum temperature has not been affected, the maximum temperature has gone down to 19.5 centigrade. The western region of the country would, however, experience improvement in the weather from Monday itself.

The impact of the western low-pressure system from the Mediterranean during the winter leads to a flow of water vapours from Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, west India to Nepal, said meteorologist Rimal.

The high mountain region witnessed snowfall on Saturday with 0.1 millimetres of rainfall in the capital. The likelihood of rainfall today in the capital continues to remain.