Lalitpur: The road between Adarsha Vidhya Mandir Chowk of Manbhawan and Dakcchinkali lane at Lalitpur Sub-metropolis-12 is in an urgent need of maintenance.
The road was constructed some decades ago. But it has neither been reconstructed nor repaired after it was blacktopped many years ago.
"The road hasn't been repaired ever since it was constructed long ago. Even though some government offices lie along the stretch, none of the offices has bothered to maintain it," said Sanu Shrestha, a local. He said a signboard reading 'construction works underway' had been kept on the road just to slow down the vehicles plying on the road.
Sandesh Magar, a local shopkeeper, said the condition of the road was so bad that he hardly rides his motorbike on it. "My motorbike has ended up with a flat tyre so often because of the bad condition of the road," he added.
Punam Chitrakar, who uses the road daily, complained that the condition of the road had remained the same for the last many years. "I commute on this road daily. But the road has never been repaired," she added.

Who’s responsible?
We have recently invited a tender worth Rs 2 million for the immediate maintenance of the road. We are also facing the shortage of resources. Because of increasing pressure of locals, we have started the process to even though the road falls under the purview of Lalitpur Sub-metropolitan City.
— Ananda Kumar Batajoo, Division Chief, Division Road Office, Hariharbhawan