WHO sounded on flu strike

KATHMANDU: The government has officially reported the confirmed cases of Influenza A (H1N1) to World Health Organisation.

Manas Benarjee, director-coordinator at Avian Influenza Control Project under Ministry of Health and Population, said they reported the cases to WHO as soon as three persons belonging to the same family tested positive for the flu in National Laboratory at Teku on Sunday.

Those infected are a 44-year-old man, his 38-year-old spouse and their eight-year-old son. The US-based Non-Resident Nepalis, had arrived in Kathmandu on June 21 from US via Doha on Qatar Airways flight.

Though the trio were quarantined for further investigation after they developed the symptoms of swine flu — high fever, breathlessness and sore throat, the health authorities had not made the information public. “It would have been irresponsible to feed the news to the media earlier before the final report of laboratory tests was received. It takes a few days to arrive at a conclusion,” reasoned Banerjee. The ministry disclosed the swine flu cases only a day after they tested positive.

Patients recovering

KATHMANDU: The three patients who tested positive for Influenza A (H1N1) are recovering in the isolation ward in Teku Hospital, officials said. Dr Senendra Raj Upereti, director at Epidemiology and Disease Control Division, said they were gradually recuperating.

Manas Banerjee, director-coordinator at Avian Influenza Control Project, said they were given Tamiflu, an antiviral prescription in pill form. “They are taking two pills a day. Normally, the dose will be over after straight five days of intake with option open to add extra amount. They are out of danger,” he said. — HNS