Why is police, public ties at a low ebb?

KATHMANDU: The widening gulf of trust between the public and the police, one of the most powerful security forces entrusted with responsibility of maintaining law and order, has taken its toll in the society.

People continue to live with constant fear of abduction, murder, extortion and intimidation by criminal forces in their own vicinities. However, many of the cases go unreported as the victims don’t lodge the complain to the police due to the fear of retribution. Furthermore, they don’t have faith on police that they will bring the perpetrators to book in line with existing law.

This is why the public often vent their anger at the security forces.

Talking to The Himalayan Times, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Binod Singh, spokesperson at Nepal Police, attributed the deteriorating law and order to the lack of mutual cooperation between the public and police department.

When asked about the people’s lack of confidence to security agencies in this transitional period, he said they were making groundwork to bolster the relationship with the public to ensure security. “We are always with the public and well-equipped to combat criminal activities,” said Singh. “Nepal Police is for every single Nepali. It is always on frontline to deliver justice”

He also urged the public to provide support in course of maintaining law and order in the society.

According to the police, as many as 8,627 police personnel are being deployed in Kathmandu Metropolitan city alone. “Police are keeping the round-the-clock vigil at criminal activities in a bid to overcome the spiralling cases of crime,” he said.