Wife of Khyati killer accused gets divorce

KATHMANDU: Maheshwori Shrestha, who has been earning her livelihood in Canada for the last three years and who had filed a divorce case against her husband, today ended a decade-long marital life with Biren Shrestha (Pradhan), the dreaded killer of a teenage college girl.

“Biren is no more her husband,” said Arun Khanal, Maheshwori’s lawyer, who informed that the court had finally delivered justice to her.

“The verdict to this effect gave her respite from month-long anguish and social stigma,” he added.

Maheshwori (40), had filed a divorce case against her husband at Kathmandu District Court (KDC) on July 25 after the gruesome killing of Khyati Shrestha, a 12th grader of Jubilant College and Research Centre in Kalimati.

The verdict was delivered in petitioner’s absence.

Maheshwori had flown herself to Canada in 12 November, 2007, leaving her two young daughters in the custody of her parents.

Marital life of Maheshwori and Biren went well before it took a U-turn when Biren (43), abducted and brutally killed Khyati Shrestha on June 5.

The incident has sparked off a widespread panic and horror among the Nepalis both at home and abroad and exposed in all its nakedness the bleak state of law and order in the country.

The victim was the only child of Gopal and Radha Shrestha, who hailed from Biratnagar.

According to Khanal, in a fit of remorse Biren had written a letter to Maheshwori in Canada. “I committed a heinous crime. Even the God won’t forgive me for what I have done. I will languish in jail for 20 years. I’m shattered and probably will die young. I am ready to accept any decisions you will make. But, I earnestly plea you to take care of the daughters,” Khanal quoted an excerpt of Biren’s letter as saying.

In a divorce case filed in KDC, Maheshwori stated that she had sought to lead her rest of life singly.

“Being a wife of a killer, I am weakening myself and two young daughters. I can’t withstand the mental trauma afflicted by the inexcusable crime on me. Break me free”. The detail of the judge

has not been given to protect his identity.