Woman caught with 3,010 capsules

Kathmandu, May 17:

A police team from the Narcotic Drug Control Law Enforcement Unit yesterday arrested a 42-year-old woman with 3,010 capsules of Yaba Methamphetamin from Sorakhutte, Kathmandu. This is the biggest haul of the particular drug so far, the NDCLEU stated.

According to the NDCLEU, Budhamaya Gurung of Gumda-7, Gorkha, was arrested with the drug under the “Operation Kilo”.

Preliminary investigation of the unit revealed that the capsules were brewed in Barma and were imported to Nepal via Thailand. The capsules empower one with sex power, stamina and put illusionary images in the mind One capsule costs Rs 300 to 1,000 in the local market, he added.

A statement from the NDCLEU said that the police unit had seized 315 grams of brown heroin,11 kilograms of hashish and arrested seven persons during the past 15 days.