Women MPs seek harsher punishment for rapists

Kathmandu, August 9

Members of Women and Social Committee of the Parliament today sought harsher punishment for rapists as incidents of violence against women and rape were increasing in the country.

They demanded that the government effectively implement existing laws and introduce new ones to discourage violence against women in any form.

Speaking at the committee meeting, lawmaker Bimala Bishwakarma said, “The existing laws are harsh enough to deter rapists. So, the government should formulate new and harsher laws to discourage violence against women,” said Bishwakarma.

Another lawmaker Hira Gurung said no perpetrator of heinous crimes such as rape should be allowed to walk freely. “We have to make strong laws so that no one gathers the courage to commit such crimes,” she added.

Lawmaker Bimala Nepali said violence against women continued in society on grounds of  caste. “Although women from all communities face violence, those from the Dalit communities fare the worst. So, we need to fight against discrimination and create an egalitarian society where each and every community enjoys equal respect,” she said.

Minister of Women, Children and Social Welfare Tham Maya Thapa said the government was  preparing to amend old laws and introduce harsher punishment for rapists. She also said that the government was planning to launch awareness campaigns across the country.