Wooden pillars missing

KATHMANDU: The Department of Roads which demolished the sattal and the Department of Archaeology, which is responsible for preserving historic monuments, are unaware of the 16 wooden pillars after which Sorhakhutte is named.

According to a source, the DoA has asked DoR and KMC to give details of the pillars, bricks and tiles that were retrieved from the site while demolishing the Sorhakutte sattal.

DoA Divisional engineer Sampad Ghimire said they had no idea of the materials retrieved from the site. Head of Kathmandu Division of DoRDev Kumar Tamang, however, said, “I can assure that all the materials are kept safely by the department.” Few pillars of the sattal can be found kept carelessly at the elderly home opposite to Sorhakhutte Police Office.

Yadav Lal Kayastha, a local said. “We doubt all the pillars of the sattal are kept safely,” added Yadav.