Work in tandem: MoHA to NP, APF

KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) has directed Nepal Police and the Armed Police Force to work in tandem to maintain law and order and not to get involved in activities that sully each other’s reputation.

APF had posted news clips published in some newspapers, which supported the government’s preparation to grant the paramilitary force power to issue arrest warrant against crime suspects and prosecute them, on its official Twitter account. Similarly, some senior officials had also posted poems and write-ups on the micro-blogging site, saying ‘Nepal Police should not be entrusted as the sole organisation for crime investigation, and arrest and prosecution’.

After the direction of the MOHA, APF has removed the news clips and write-ups from its Twitter account. MoHA official said Inspector General of Police Upendra Kant Aryal and APF Chief Koshraj Onta were verbally told not to engage in such activities and preform respective duties and responsibilities.

The government is preparing to confer the power to issue arrest warrant to crime suspects on APF through the proposed Armed Police Force Rules, 2015. The move has drawn flak from NP officials and rights activists.