Workshop on Morita therapy held

Kathmandu, May 30

Nepal Health Society, in coordination with Primary Health Care Revitalisation Division, Department of Health Services, organised international Morita therapy workshop here today.

Key speaker Dr Ishu Ishiyama, secretary general of international committee for Morita therapy, discussed about Morita therapy and its effectiveness in patients suffering from mental health problems. He also talked about needs and importance of Morita therapy.

“Morita therapy is a psychological therapy for common mental health problems. It is centred on positive reinterpretation of anxiety in order to stimulate attention, attitudinal and behavioural change in the patients suffering from mental health problems,” Dr Ishiyama added.

It helps in solving different emotional issues.

Dr Sushil Pyakurel, chief specialist at the Ministry of Health and Population said the government was committed to ensuring universal health coverage.

“As Morita therapy can be suitable for rehabilitation and palliative therapy, it can be included in the basic health package. Such psychological therapies are necessary because mental health problems are increasing in the country. People are suffering from mental health problems because of stressful lifestyle, lack of employment and migration among others,” Dr Pyakurel added.

Rishi Raj Ojha, executive director of Nepal Health Society, shared that the therapy could be beneficial for both indoor and outdoor counselling. “It will also be helpful in psycho-social and occupational therapy,” Ojha said.

Developed by Japanese psychiatrist Shoma Morita in the early 20th century, Morita therapy was influenced by the psychological principles of Buddhism. His method was initially developed as a treatment for a type of anxiety neurosis called shinkeishitsu.