Kathmandu, February 4

The World Cancer Day was observed across the country by organising rallies and interactions to raise awareness that there is much that can be done at the individual, community and government level to prevent cancer-related deaths.

According to experts, increased awareness is critical both at a systemic and individual level to address the issues pertaining to cancer. To this end, the theme of World Cancer Day (2016-2018) was ‘We can. I can’.

On the occasion, the National Cancer Hospital, Jawalakhel held an interaction to share the experience of cancer patients who got new lease of life and to highlight the critical issues that each individual, institution, community and government should take in mind to prevent and fight the disease.

The NCH is a community-funded private cancer hospital established with the main goal of providing quality and affordable care to the community.

Participants at the programme stressed on extending necessary support to the hospital from all levels and to provide more patients access to treatment.

Despite expansion of services to treat cancer patients in the country, number of people dying of the disease has also increased, thanks to lack of specialised doctors, lack of knowledge among local doctors, poverty, illiteracy and negligence on the part of patients.

According to a figure, a total 7,212 patients were diagnosed with cancer in 2012 and since then 30,000 to 40,000 cases of cancer have been diagnosed each year.

Sadly half of the patients die for want of treatment. The most common cancer among Nepalis is lung cancer.