Writ filed against life-time luxuries to ex-VIPs

KATHMANDU: A writ has been registered at the Supreme Court challenging the government decision to provide luxurious amenities to the former special government office-bearers, on Sunday.

The writ filed by Kanchan Krishna Neupane today, naming the President's Office, Office of Prime Minister and Council of Ministers and Parliament Secretariat as defendants, has stated that it was unlawful to make preparations to provide luxury facilities to the ex-VIPs when the country is facing a difficult economic time.

"The government is mulling to provide ex-special office-bearers with life-time facilities against the law, which increases financial burden of billions of rupees. The decision contravenes the Article 5 of the Constitution," the writ reads.

The writ has stated that providing state-sponsored facilities to the former special personalities including ex-President, ex-Prime Minister and ex-Speaker was against the right to equality and other laws.