Make NA voters aware of voting technique, EC staffers told

KATHMANDU: Chief Election Commissioner Ayodhee Prasad Yadav today directed concerned staffers of the Election Commission to make voters of the National Assembly election aware of the voting technique so as to reduce the number of invalid votes.

The NA election is slated for February 7, which would elect 56 NA members.

Addressing a training programme on voting and vote counting in Godawari today, CEC Yadav said 18 or 48 votes would be invalid, if a voter cast his/her vote in a wrong way.

“Make the voters aware of the voting technique,” Yadav told the participants of the training.

Stating that government employees and EC staffers played a very important role during the local, provincial and parliamentary elections, he said such help was needed in the NA election too. CEC Yadav said he hoped that the government and all concerned parties would abide by the election code of conduct. The NA election code of conduct has come into effect from today.

The poll panel said that the election code of conduct would be applicable to the government, ministers, public institutions, media outlets, I/NGOs, government employees as well as security personnel. The EC has warned of strong action against anyone found violating the election code of conduct.

Likewise, persons holding a public position, various organisations, political parties and their sister wings would also have to abide by the election code of conduct.

The EC said the government couldn’t appoint, promote, transfer or depute any of its employees, including civil servants and security personnel for purposes other than the election.

In special circumstances, the government, however, may transfer or depute employees with the prior consent of EC.

Likewise, no new position in public entities or public institutions and local bodies can be created during the period when the code is in effect. The government would also be barred from filling vacant posts in state-institutions. Besides, the government would also be prohibited from providing economic facilities and awards, and increasing perks and benefits of the government employees.

Similarly, the code of conduct would bar the government from allocating or transferring budget for new development projects without the consent of the EC. However, the government is free to mobilize or provide funds for ongoing development projects.


Yadav directs EC officials to educate voters' for NA election

KATHMANDU: Chief Election Commissioner Ayodhee Prasad Yadav has directed the EC officials to make aware the voters on the National Assembly election slated for February 7.

Speaking in a programme at Godavari, Lalitpur on Friday, CEC Yadav urged the officials to provide orientation to the voters vis-a-vis voting techniques. Moreover, the election code of conduct has come into effect from Friday.

Spokesperson at the EC Navraj Dhakal also stressed on effective voter education to curb the invalid votes.

A total of 27 election officials from Province-3 and 4 attended the one-day training programme.