YCL accused of beating up DNYF activist

Kathmandu, July 10:

An activist of the UML-affiliated Democratic National Youth Federation has accused YCL cadres of abducting her and beating her up.

Sangina Rajak, a member of the DNYF’s Kathmandu area number 9, said a group of YCL cadres abducted her from her house in Teku in the morning, took her to the Balaju-based YCL camp and thrashed her.

Rajak said a number of people interrogated her after blindfolding her. “They asked me whether I was a DNYF member. I was released around 4:30 pm today after the Youth Force contacted a Maoist leader.”

Rajak claimed she was abducted because she had a land dispute with her neighbour, who is a Maoist supporter. However, president of the YCL’s Newa Rajya Samiti Sagar denied the involvement of the YCL in the incident. Rajak was a drug dealer, he said, adding that some former drug addicts, who had returned from a rehabilitation centre, had thrashed Rajak for ruining their lives.

Sagar conceded that Rajak was brought to the Balaju camp. “I told my cadres to release her when I came to know that she was brought there,” he said. “The YCL has stopped receiving complaints and meting out punishment on its own.”

Meanwhile, Kathmandu in-charge of the Youth Force Rameswor Shrestha said, “Our team did not find evidence to prove that Rajak was a drug dealer.”

Shrestha said they will help police take action against Rajak if she was found guilty. Youth Force’s chief Mahesh Basnet said the force would come up with details tomorrow. “The YCL is yet to mend its ways,” DNYF president Ajambar Rai Kangmang said.