A good spot for a decent wrap up!

Priti Bahety is an interior designer by profession who loves eating out with the family and trying out different cuisines

Located in the busy street of Durbar Marg, Moti Mahal Deluxe is one of the talked about vegetarian restaurants in Kathmandu. It basically offers Mughlai Cuisine. When I was approached to be the ‘Spy’, I gracefully accepted.

I headed to the famed restaurant and was warmly greeted by pleasant staff. I did not waste much time and ordered Mushroom Matar, Dal Makhani, and Tandoor Platter, as per the recommendation of the staff. It wasn’t long before my order reached my table.

The food was okay and the presentation was average. The Tandoor Platter was just the dish worth a mention because it was a balance of flavours. Mushroom Matar was average and nothing out of the ordinary. Because I love flavours, I had asked for Churchure Naan and I wasn’t disappointed.

I had also ordered for a Virgin Mojito and it was served to me with a twist of their own. I ended my meal with Gulab Jamun. Overall, it was a regular fare. Nothing to be recommended or disregarded.

The staff, as I mentioned earlier, were attentive and friendly but turned out to be borderline annoying because no sooner had I stopped to take a break from my meal, they came out to clear my plate. I was far from done eating!

The presentation needs to be worked upon and the price bar should be brought down a notch. I might go back there again but would not expect anything exemplary.

Ratings Moti Mahal

Ambience: 8

Food quality/

presentation: 7

Quality of service: 9

Hygiene: 8

Value for money: 7

Overall satisfaction

value: 8