Acclaimed musician Vikram Gurung performs at Paleti

KATHMANDU: Vikram Gurung, a famous musician and singer, performed in this month's Paleti concert at Nepalaya's 'r' sala in Kalikasthan, Kathmandu, the organiser said.

With the full house audience, Vikram Gurung kicked off the much-awaited show with 'Katai Tada Timi Bata Puge Bhane Kalpera Na Basnu' probably the first recorded song by late singer Arun Thapa which was composed by himself.

"When I first met Arun Thapa in Pokhara, he did not have his own songs, he used to sing popular Nepali and Hindi songs," Vikram Gurung recalls those memories of the late 70s.

In between the show, Paleti Coordinator music arranger and singer Aavas interacted with Vikram Gurung to know various phases of his musical journey and his friendship with Arun Thapa and his life overall.

While referring to Arun, Vikram Gurung entertained the audience with his second number 'Aakha Ko Nid Khose Lane' which was composed by Gurung himself during his studies days in Kirtipur. He also shared how he and Saru Bhakta Shrestha used to compose songs in those times.

Gurung, who currently resides in Hong Kong also portraited the current state of migration from villages to cities to Kathmandu and to abroad countries said referring to his birth place Tamling village in Kaski district which wears a deserted look in recent times.

In this note, Gurung entertained the audience with the song 'Lahure' portraying the true image of Nepali society of late.

The frenzied environment got emotional as Vikram Gurung shared final days of Arun Thapa. "I had separated two songs for Arun for my album. When I met him at Putalisadak near Namaste studio he was very lean and thin. He wanted to sing hard but his fragile body had already given up. Without recording the songs I left for Hong Kong and a few days later I came to know that Arun was no more."

"Arun was a huge talent then and immensely gifted but he never realised his talent," Vikram Gurung got emotional as he shared the memories.

Singer and musician Vikram Gurung captivated the audience with his melodious voice before signing off the show by remembering Arun Thapa's with his famous song 'Bhulu Bhulu Lagyo Malai'. "Finally, I thank you all the audience and will appreciate this love forever," Gurung smiled.

On the stage, Vikram Gurung was supported by Meena Niraula, singer, Ambar Gurung 'Pokhreli' on bass guitar, Dinesh Regmi on keyboard, Balaram Samal on bansuri, Sandesh Maharjan on tabala, Suraj Pradhan on guitar and Paras Subedi on percussion.