Adrenaline Junkie

It’s said that a bad day on a mountain bike beats a good day in the office. Travel & Lifestyle talks to a few cycling enthusiasts about their best biking adventures

The queen of bikes!

Amongst only a handful of bike racers in Nepal, Laxmi Magar has made her mark by winning various local and international races. Of her many achievements as a cyclist she stood second in Yak Attack, which is one of the toughest marathons. She also won the championship at MTB Himalaya, India and Manali Khardhungla cycle championship.

  1. Which bike do you own and which one do you wish to own?

Kona Kula Watt hard trail bike, I got it for a very good price from a friend. I like its size and the way it rolls. Santacruz Juliana is on my wish list because it is a women specific mountain bike.

  1. Most challenging route for you...

The Annapurna trail, it is one of the most stunning biking routes. You pass through a variety of different landscapes, from sub-tropical rainforest, deep valleys and cultivated fields, to wooded alpine and high deserts.

  1. A memorable moment on your cycle...

On my way to Gorkha from Nuwakot, I had the most frightening experience. I tried to drink water from a bottle while going downhill. It was definitely a challenge to balance the bottle and the bike. NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN!

  1. Tips on buying a mountain bike

It depends on your pocket and interest! More than the brand, one should focus on the size of the bike; you need to get a bike that compliments the length of your body.

  1. Your first priority when it comes to cycling...

Safety! One needs to be super careful while riding.

The cycling wanderlust

“Mountain biking is fun, good for health and I get to see amazing places. So it is a fairly straight no brainer,” says Mandil Pradhan. Although Pradhan has been cycling since 1998, he only started to ride as a professional in 2008. Pradhan has raced at many international events such as the Enduro World Series in Colorado, USA, Megavalanche in France and Black Hole Enduro in Slovenia.

  1. Your favourite ride....

I have been riding Banshee bikes including spitfire, rune and phantom models. I’ve just ordered a Banshee Legend 2016 which I’ve had on my wish list for a long time.

  1. Tell us about your favourite adventure route in Nepal...

My favourite riding route in Nepal is most likely the Langtang trail. It is an amazing trail that can be accessed in

30 minutes by helicopter or a three day trek.

  1. Your next adventure...

My next adventure will most likely be in Mustang. Right now it’s not accessible due to the monsoon, but as soon as the rains are over, I’ll be heading out there.

  1. Best place to buy a mountain bike in Nepal...

There are a few very good places to buy mountain bikes in Kathmandu. Amongst them Kathmandu Bike Station in Lazimpat, Himalayan Singletrack in Thamel and Epic Mountain Bike are a few names managed by professional mountain bikers.

  1. What has this sport taught you?

I’ve learnt that you can never afford to be careless or overconfident. No matter how good a rider you are one mistake is all it takes for you to end up in a cast for six months or in a wheel chair for life. I’ve also learnt to appreciate nature and the great outdoors and the amazingly beautiful places of Nepal.