Book on Nepal's federalism unveiled

KATHMANDU: Former Speaker Daman Nath Dhungana today said the current constitution has neither the features of a presidential system nor a parliamentary one.

Unveiling a book entitled "Nepalma Sanghatmak Byawastha: Awadharana Ra Auchitya", the former speaker also pointed out some key challenges for the smooth and effective implementation of the Charter.

"Nepal's federalism has come with the pursuit of equality among the people of different castes, creeds, sects, origins etc," he added. "What we now need to do is making the charter purposeful."

The book has been written by Associate Professor Tara Nath Ghimire, and is based on his doctorate dissertation on the same theme.

Commenting upon the book, constitution expert Kashi Raj Dahal stated that the new statute has the challenge of acceptability as well as financial and administration management.

He further said that the book would be an important political document to understand about the federalism in the changed political context of Nepal.

Ghimire, on his part, said he found out from his study that there were no agenda or demand of any of Nepal's political movement for a federal system but it was included through the amendment of the Interim Constitution of 2007 without doing scientific study and homework.

He has noted that a key challenge of the federal systems in Nepal is the threat for national unity, despite having some opportunities with this governance system.