Colourful Chittagong

KATHMANDU: The landscape, culture, heritage and people of Bangladesh come alive in the photo exhibition ‘My Soil My Soul’ that started on December 24 at Patan Museum, Patan. The photographs by 22 Bangladeshi photojournalists explore colourful and beautiful features of Bangladesh, especially Chittagong .

In the exhibition organised by Chittagong Photo Journalist Association (CPJA), one of the images that grabs your attention is a photograph titled ‘Hilsa’. This beautiful snapshot by Bangladeshi photojournalist Sohel Rana showcases the fishermen stacking up the Hilsa (silver fish). As livelihoods of many people depend on fishing in Bangladesh, this image is able to shed light on this aspect. Meanwhile, Chittagong’s beautiful beaches, fishermen drying their fish, fishing on the sea, and huge fish market are well-depicted in other photographs being exhibited.

As this South Asian nation is rich in festive celebrations as well, the photographers haven’t missed to bring forth that aspect too. Their lenses have captured the precious moments where people are celebrating festivals like Durga Puja, Biju, Sangrai, Holi, and more.

About the reason of organising the exhibition in Nepal, Rashed Mahmud, General Secretary of CPJA expressed, “We are promoting out city Chittagong through this photography exhibition. And we are looking forward to attract tourists in our country.”

The colourful photographs have the ability to amaze you. It is quite possible that you might want to visit Chittagong after looking at the delightful images of places and people there.

This is an “international photography exhibition” where the photographs have already been exhibited in Bangladesh and India. And by organising this event in Nepal, they also aim to “strengthen the bond between Nepal and Bangladesh”.

The exhibition is on till December 25. — HNS