'Living with Parkinson's Disease' being screened today

KATHMANDU: A documentary that has been made to create awareness about Parkinson's disease is being screened today at the Nepal Tourism Board auditorium hall, beginning at 3:45 pm.

Living with Parkinson’s disease is a 55 minutes documentary video that has been made for creating awareness about Parkinson’s disease in Nepal, which is produced by Influencers Nepal and supported by Trilogy Digital Media team, Banita Khanal, an initiator of the project and a Parkinson's disease advocate informed.

This documentary features actor Madan Krishna Shrestha,  Banita Khanal, Tilak Bahadur Sapkota and Hari Kafle. All of them suffer from Parkinson's disease.

The main objective of this video is to make people aware about the possible symptoms, process of diagnosis, ways to accept the diagnosis and techniques to lead an easier life, said Khanal.

Parkinson’s disease is a second common neuro degenerative disease that has no cure. Once a patient is diagnosed, he/she is advised to take medicines. Medicines just control the symptoms but not the progression. The doses of medicines are made high depending upon the progression and that point of time may come when patient would be totally bed ridden. Though Parkinson’s disease was considered to be an old age disease in past, more and more young patients are being diagnosed these days.