Don’t let rain dampen your skin, hair


The monsoon has started and it is a relief, but it has brought various skin and hair problems affecting our day-to-day lifestyle. Rain isn’t here to harm you but when it combines with the heated sunny days, your skin and hair are in danger of getting ruined. If you fail to pay attention, the condition worsens.

Skin problems

As it is the rainy season one needs to be more careful if s/he wants to keep her/his skin glowing. The skin is at risk of infection as it is likely to be exposed to damp areas, muddy roads among other detrimental elements.

“Long term immersion of skin in water leads to breakage of skin surface which allows micro bacteria to enter the body through the skin surface. There are risks of bacterial and fungal infection mostly where skin folds, finger webs and exposed skin,” informs Dr Eliz Aryal Rajouria, Consultant Dermatologist at Kathmandu Medical College and Teaching Hospital, Sinamangal. The weather during the monsoon isn’t only rainy but it’s sunny too. This is why people need to be more conscious as there are chances for one to suffer from skin burn and tanning. “Such burning and tanning can cause skin damage in a deeper layer leading to wrinkling, loss of texture from skin, small pimples like bumps on face,” she adds.

In addition, there are risks of skin pigmentation, freckles and melasma among others when the skin is damaged in a deeper layer, as per the doctor while appearance of moles, and sunburn in exposed areas such as on face and arms are common skin problems visible.

Further Aryal Rajouria points out, “Severe skin exposure can lead to skin cancer and this rate is increasing in the country. Appearances of red bumps, itchiness, foul smell, pain in infected areas, and insect bites are some of the common symptoms.”

Exposed to enclosure

Skin problems can occur in anyone of any age, caste and gender. “But skin problems during the rainy season is common in school going children, office goers, security guards, bank staff and any other who wear closed shoes for long hours,” Dr Aryal Rajouria says citing, “As the shoes get wet and aren’t dried, fungal infection starts and this is quite common in those wearing leather shoes.”

This is why, for those wearing leather shoes she suggests them to dry his/her shoes. Men are prone to such fungal infection as they wear closed shoes for long hours. Along with them, people working in paddy fields are too prone to skin problems as they are “exposed to rain and muddy water for a long time”.

Caring for hair and scalp 

Unmanageable hair is what one experiences during the rainy season. Many of you might have been suffering from hair loss, rough, frizzy and brittle hair, split hairs and loss of texture from hair during this season.

“It usually occurs because of the frequent change in temperature and humidity,” informs Dr Aryal Rajouria. But it gets worse when “hair gets wet when you walk in rain. Moist hair leads to damp skin surface (scalp). There are also chances for one to suffer from fungal growth which can be itchy with dandruff like scales to severe water containing wound with bacterial secondary infection”.

Such conditions are painful and the patients may need immediate medical treatment, as per her. Lice infestation, nits and itchy scalp too are common hair problems during the rainy season.

“So as to get rid of such problems, one needs to use an umbrella or wear water resistant caps,” advises Dr Aryal Rajouria. And if you want healthy hair, “you shouldn’t brush your hair harshly. Repeated brushing of hair must also

be avoided”.

Skin and hair care

  • Apply oil on your hands and feet a day prior to working in the paddy fields
  • Wash your hands and legs properly with antiseptic soap
  • Apply oil on skin as frequently as you can
  • Keep your shoes dry
  • If there is cut or wound, consult a doctor nearby
  • Do not let fungus to grow in any areas of your skin
  • Eat a balanced diet to keep skin and hair healthy
  • Let your hair dry naturally
  • Apply natural oil for healthy hair