Dr Suman Thapa to perform in October Paleti

KATHMANDU: Singer Suman Thapa, who is also an ophthalmologist, is all set to feature in this month's Paleti concert at Nepalaya's R-Shala in Kalikasthan, Kathmandu.

His innate passion for music led to Thapa forming a band during the nineties. Although he is an active medical practitioner and a pretty sought-after one at that, Thapa is also associated with the band Blue Fret.

"We decided to invite Dr Suman Thapa in this month's Paleti concert to offer something different to our audience," Nepalaya said in a statement. Dr Thapa, who composes, writes and arranges English songs, would sing songs written by poet Srawan Mukurang during the concert scheduled for October 25 and 26.

During the concert, Paleti co-ordinator and singer Aavas would interact with Dr Suman Thapa and unfold his unknown factets afore the audience.

As per the statement, tickets can be booked through Paleti’s social media pages and at Nepalaya. Online booking and purchase can also be made through www.thrupai.com, paleti@nepalaya.com.np.