Dream team


The countdown to Ruslan The Himalayan Times TGIF Nepal Fashion Week 2017 is almost over. With just a day left, preparations are in the last stages. And as it is said — ‘team work makes dream work’ — TGIF Nepal Fashion Week is all about working together. And big kudos go out to those who work tirelessly behind the scenes ensuring that the swankiest fashion event of the year goes on without a snag.

Enhancing beauty

“This is my second time at TGIF Nepal Fashion Week and I am really excited to show the Spring-Summer 2017 look. Last year I had a great experience and I feel lucky and proud to be a part again. I will be showcasing eight different looks including bridal, vintage and Spring-Summer. Everything is well coordinated with the outfits and our preparations are going on perfectly as my team is working hard and we expect to make it grand this year.”

  • Suman Lama, Make-up Artist

Ramp enchantress

“Last year was a real challenge for me to train new and inexperienced models, but the final show went really well. This year, I have focused on the tiniest details — from the walk to facial expressions and etiquette. I have tried to bring the best choreography with different variations for the four days, which has nine sequences every day. To keep all our models fit and fresh, this time I have incorporated 45-minute workout routine before the trainings.”

  • Sijan Bhattachan, Choreographer

Visual connection

“This time we have planned to give a thematic display with visual representation for each sequence that complements the designer’s theme and fabrics. We have studied the details of each and every designer’s theme to provide sequenced graphics and abstract animation reflecting the essence of the collection on the screen.”

  • Seejan JB Rana, Animation and Graphics, Archraphix

Super sounds

“We are using the best sound system of JBL speakers to give a thrilling audio experience to the audience. We are working closely with the stage and light coordinators and experimenting with different techniques and structures.”

  • Shibir Shakya, Director at International Sound Service (ISS)

Music Maestro

“This is my third time at TGIF Nepal Fashion Week 2017. Every year it has been an exhilarating experience. This year I am working closely with the graphics team to ensure that the music, design and visuals complement each other and work in tandem. This time I will be playing the top tracks on the charts. I also have a special set which I hope everyone will enjoy.”

  • Suraj Shahi, Music programmer/ DJ