lenovoKATHMANDU: Lifecom, authorised distributor of Lenovo Smartphones in Nepal is all set to bring out its range of smartphones— A 1000, A2010, A 6000 and A 7000 Turbo in the market. The sole distributor of Lenovo Smartphones in Nepal for the time being is offering four models in the market— Lenovo A319  priced at Rs 7,500, Lenovo A328  priced at

Rs 10,000, Lenovo A536 priced at Rs12,200, and Lenovo A5000 priced at Rs 15,200. Amit Agrawal, Managing

Director of Lifecom said, “Everyone has always trusted Lenovo as a brilliant brand for laptops. Lenovo smartphones feature powerful multicore processors and amazing displays. With the launch of the new range of smartphones, we are positive that our customers will not be disappointed at all.”