Family in dire need of financial support to treat their daughter suffering from rare 'Guillain-Barre Syndrome'

KATHMANDU: Just like many girls her age, Puja Dangal, 19, a Kavre native, was happily pursuing her studies in Kathmandu until the diagnosis of Guillain Barre Syndrome, a rare form of neurological disorder, came crashing into her life.

On experiencing extreme fatigue, lack of appetite and persistent diarrhoea, Puja was rushed to Civil Hospital in New Baneshwor on Wednesday. From there, doctors referred her to Annuparna Neuro Hospital after she developed further complications related to her ailment.

A thorough check-up was done on Thursday following which the doctors revealed that the patient was suffering from Guillain Barre Syndrome, a rare and serious autoimmune disorder in which the immune system attacks healthy nerve cells in the peripheral nervous system leading to weakness, numbness, and tingling sensation, eventually causing paralysis.

With the beginning of treatment, Puja's family is now faced with financial constraints to meet their daughter's highly expensive medical treatment.

According to neurologist Avinash Chandra, who is treating the patient, "In these cases, the young patients sometimes recover on their own. So, we have kept Puja under observation. However, if the patient develops complications and breathing difficulties, then we will have to put her in ventilator and treat her."

We cannot say anything at this point. If the patient responds to treatment, she would need long physiotherapy to get back to normal life. However, in the worst-case scenario, the patient becomes paralysed, Dr Chandra added.

Although we managed to spend around 1,00,000 in early screening, we do not have sufficient funds to afford her treatment, said patient's father Kedar Dangal, a local contractor in the village.

"The cost of one injection (plasmapheresis and immunoglobulin Ivig) is Rs 18,000 and she requires five doses a day for five days. The hospital has asked us to manage around Rs 1 million for her treatment. I don't know how I'm going to manage all these expenses with my little income," Kedar Dangal father of two lamented.

The world is facing coronavirus crisis, and yet I do not have any other option but to appeal in front of you all for generous support for the treatment of my daughter, who is battling with a rare form of disease, Dangal shared.

“In case anyone is willing to extend financial support to our family, they can deposit the money in Mega Bank Ltd, Durbar Marg branch, A/C Name: Kedar Bahadur Dangal, account no: 0010050116999,” said Tara Dangal, the patient's mother.

Puja Dangal, a student of Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS), second year at KNK International College in New Baneshwor, has been living in a rented room at Kageshwori Manohara in Kathmandu.

Due to lack of provision for proper healthcare facilities, health insurance included, a majority of patients suffering from terminal illnesses, spinal injuries, kidney ailments, among other chronic diseases, cannot afford to meet expensive medical bills in Nepal.