Fitness trends

Bored with repeating the same old routine? Travel & Lifestyle brings some of the hottest fitness programmes to revitalise your workout

Fighting fit!

If you want to learn the art of fight, then try Muay Thai at Rage fitness. Considered one of the most brutal sports, the high intensity workout is based on warrior conditioning, skills,

discipline and mind set.

Level of difficulty: Hard

Body areas targeted: It targets your whole body, physical, mental (psyche) and spiritual (fighting spirit).

Trainers: Sandesh Palungwa Limbu – Master Trainer, Bhupesh Shakya- Head Instructor

Price: Rs 4,500 per month (4 classes a week)

Location: 5th Floor Central Plaza, Naxal Narayan Chour.

Contact: 01- 4411288

How effective is it?

It is extremely effective because it burns calories, vaporises fat and ego, and makes you lean, strong and functional before you know it.

Precautions to take …

Safety is of utmost importance. Follow instructions at all times with a learning mindset. There are a lot of partner led drills where you must display a team mindset besides respecting your opponent at all times. It is believed that you work to make your partner better and vice versa. Push yourself but also listen to your body carefully. Leave your ego outside with your shoes; humility will take you a long way.

Insane workout!

To first conquer your body, you must conquer your mind, and that’s exactly what the Insanity programme at Fitstop Fitness trains you to do. You get to push yourself to a whole different level and take complete control of your body. It is basically an athletic, drill based interval workouts which consist of high intensity exercise moves, repeated in a short interval of time.

Why try it?

It is highly effective and delivers results faster; 60 sessions of insanity is almost equivalent to one year in gym.

Who shouldn’t try it?

-    People with any serious kind of cardiac problems

-     It is not the right programme to start off with if you have never exercised in your life.

-    If you have had serious joint injuries and your doctor has restricted you from doing intense work outs

Level of difficulty: Hard

Body areas targeted: Total body conditioning.

Trainers: Dija Shrestha and Samyak Udas,

Price: Rs 6,500 per month

Location: Norkhang complex, Fourth floor, Jawlakhel

Contact: 01-5543895

Tips from the trainer

You cannot possibly last in an insanity class if you are not adequately fueled up. Have a light pre-workout snack like a banana or a peanut butter sandwich. A pre-workout energy drink is also recommended to keep your energy levels high till the end of the workout. For post workout whey protein shake is recommended.

Become the machine!

The Pump stands out on an open rooftop, welcoming those who want to push their limits. As you enter into its rustic premises, you will not see a single heavy machine. The only equipment that you will come across are tyres, kettle bells, ropes, free weight et cetera. The first CrossFit gym of Nepal, offers high intensity power training with a

variety of compound exercises and different functional workouts.

Level of difficulty: Brutal

Body areas targeted: Strength building

Trainers: Ashish Yakthumba

Price: 500 per class with private instructor, introductory rate,

Rs 2,500 per month for membership

Location: Gyanmandala Building, Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur (Opposite to Moksh Restaurant)

Contact: 01-5521120

It is unique because...

You get to challenge yourself and use a variety of functional

exercise that you won’t get to do at a regular gym.

Who should not try this workout?

-    People who are under medication

-    People who have serious injury.

Word from the trainer...

Strength doesn’t come from what you can do; it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t. So, give your 101 per cent during the exercise. Be sure to fuel up before training, breath right and keep your posture right for the best results.