From the Nawab’s own kitchen

Located in busy and bustling Baneshwor, Masala Cottage, offers one of the finest Indian cuisine restaurants with excellent service. As you enter the premises you are welcomed by a simple yet elegant setting.This outlet offers you the ideal venue for business meetings and power lunches. You might alsowant to drop in with your family and friends to bond over good food and great service. Let the taste of Hyderabad do the talking!

Seema Sangraula is popular for her songs K nai runu cha and yo

bainsa. She loves Indian cuisine and likes experimenting with new places.

Murg massalam

As is suggestive of the name this Hyderabadi dish is all about masalas. Chicken cooked in special Indian spices and tomato gravy. The coming together of chicken, tomato gravy, white gravy, grated cheese ensures a flavoursome dish.

Seema’s Verdict: “I’d prefer tandoori roti to go with this dish. The masalas compliment the tomatoes and chicken and the grated cheese acts as a thickening additive to the gravy which all the more enhances the taste.”

Chicken malai puff

Boneless chicken marinated in ginger paste, salt and pepper. The chicken then is mixed with cashew nut powder, cheese and cream. One of the most liked dishes in the menu.

Seema’s Verdict: “It’s the first time I'm trying this and I love it. It’s healthy and has all the flavours. It is not spicy at all for an Indian dish.”

Corrainder chicken

Chicken cooked in spices with essence of lime juice and red wine.

Seema’s Verdict: “The chicken is tender and the flavour is preserved in every bite you take. The best part is that it is not dripping in oil as is with most Indian dishes. The thick triple sauce balances out the flavours finely.”

Chicken lahore boti

Chicken cooked in tandoor with seasoned gravy

Seema’s Verdict: “This dish is hot! It suits my palate. It is for those with a taste for fire in their mouth!”

Tandoori aloo

Baby potatoes marinated in a spicy aromatic yogurt mixture and grilled in tandoor until golden brown and crisp. Best served with papad

Seema’s Verdict: “Finally something for the vegetarians! The peanuts, cashew nuts and the curry leaves make it wholesome and the Hydrabadi spices adds just the right zing to it.”

What: Masala Cottage

Where: New Baneshwor

Contact: 01- 4781153