Giant sequoia move on schedule in Idaho, tree doing well

BOISE, IDAHO: A massive Idaho tree that grew over more than a century from a seedling sent by a noted naturalist has been uprooted and is poised to travel about two blocks Sunday to a new location.

David Cox of tree-moving company Environmental Design said Saturday the 10-story sequoia is doing well, and everything is in place for the 800,000-pound (362,877-kilogram) landmark to start moving on inflatable rollers shortly after midnight.

St Luke's Health System in Boise is paying $300,000 to relocate the tree to make room for an expansion.

Cox says if everything goes as planned, the sequoia will be at its new home on city property around noon Sunday.

The tree is believed to be Idaho's largest sequoia, a type of tree that isn't native to the state.

The sequoia was sent to Boise as a seedling by naturalist John Muir, who played a key role in establishing California's Sequoia National Park.