Gym culture: From luxury to lifestyle

"Gym culture which was sought after as luxury has now become a lifestyle," shares Biraj Bista, co-owner of Hardik Fitness Club.

Hardik Fitness Club boasts of a long history as the Gym currently in operation at Pulchowk was established in 1997. Ever since its establishment, the facility has been dedicated to providing top-notch services to its customers. Initially, the Gym was stationed at Jhamsikhel which in February of 2019 made a shift to Pulchowk into a newly constructed building designated solely to facilitate the activities of the fitness club.

The newly constructed building that is alluring for its architectural build-up stands four storeys tall and is solely designated to facilitate gymming activities as well provide services such as spa and sauna. The complex also has two swimming pools currently under construction, a cafe, a juice counter and a spa boutique.

One of the many things that makes Hardik a sure shot option for fitness freaks is the fact that the complex also holds parking facilities, management of which can otherwise be a nightmare for valley denizens.

The club with more than 10,000 square feet space has a capacity to engage 100 members at a time. Each floor in the fitness club has been dedicated to support specific workout purpose.

Suraj Joshi, a real estate developer by profession, also the owner of SB furniture, who has been working out at Hardik close to its inception, says that Hardik actually caters to its customers' requirements and him investing in his health has been the best decision ever.

Mandir Rana and Biraj Bista, who were school friends before business partners, partnered up about eleven years ago to take forward the legacy of fitness club which had already penetrated the fitness market with its services. And today, with the fanfare that the fitness station has attained -- be it for its physical setup, or the effort and enthusiasm of the partners for its management, or a pool of experts that run the facility -- the legacy is reaching even newer heights.