Harper planned more novels

LONDON: Renowned novelist Harper Lee was planning to write a string of novels, including India, 1910, to occupy her for the next 15 years, post To Kill A Mockingbird.

According to a letter sent two years before the famous book was published in 1960, the author had listed six ideas namely — Race Novel,Victorian Novel, What Mr Graham Greene calls An Entertainment, I’m gonna tear Monroeville to pieces (1958 Monroeville), A Novel of The United Nations and India, 1910.

Though the manuscript she wrote before that book, Go Set A Watchman, which she wrote in the mid-1950s, has been found and will soon be published, Lee hasn’t penned another full novel since the Pulitzer Prize winning novel’s success, the BBC reported.

In 1958, she wrote to her friend Joy Brown who, along with her husband Michael, had given her money to leave her job and focus on writing, and told him that she was trying to finish My Novel, calling it “the hardest damn thing to write I’ve ever attempted”.

Talking about her book ideas, she said that her agent Annie Laurie Williams would sell India, 1910 “to the movies”, where the heroine will be named Portulaca Brown, an Anglo-Indian, who’s dissatisfied with her marriage to Lord Kinloch of Loch Kin, Outer Hebrides, and joins Lady Clementine Pankhurst in a Movement.

Lee, who signed the letter with her first name Nelle, has been away from spotlight since 60’s, and it has long been the stuff of literary mystery and conjecture.