Masuda’s latest book launched in Capital

KATHMANDU: Japanese non-fiction writer Haruyo Masuda — whose writings always focus on the need to cultivate minds of children along with their physical development — has come forth with her new book Through Seasons.

Eighty-four-year-old Masuda, writers Prof Dr Abhi Subedi, Shekhar Kharel, and Maya Thakuri jointly launched the book amidst an event held at Hotel Greenwich Village, Sanepa on April 15.

Of the book Kharel said, “Masuda explains why prenatal education for mothers is important, in simple language. She talks about parenting and relationships and she concludes the book by talking about satisfaction.”

Comparing her book with his play Mayadeviko Sapana, Prof Dr Subedi elaborated, “Masuda has started the chapter with Buddha’s birth, described pain and feeling of Mayadevi (Buddha’s mother) subtly and beautifully. Long ago, I also depicted Mayadevi’s feeling when she gave birth to Buddha in the play Mayadeviko Sapana. However, her (Masuda’s) experiences are more realistic than mine because she is herself a mother.”

He added, “The author has also written about a mother’s duty — how to understand children’s feelings and solve their problems — through the character of Mayadevi. And she has looked into religion, philosophy and poetry through birth of child, and portrayed that a mother’s duty is very important even before childbirth.”

Thakuri, who was “moved to tears” while reading the book, added, “The author has portrayed women’s life in eight seasons through eight chapters. Like Nepal, Japan is also a patriarchal society. And she has portrayed how women are performing different roles — of a daughter, wife, daughter-in-law and mother — in such a society. Masuda, whose husband got dementia and is a mother of four daughters, has written the book based on her observation of society and experiences of her life.”

It took five years for Masuda to complete the book. But why did she choose to launch it here?

“Through Seasons talks about Buddha’s philosophy and Buddha was born in Nepal. So, it is Nepal’s philosophy. Hence, the book has expressed more about Nepalis’ heart and their feelings. Thus, I chose to launch the book in

Nepal,” she replied.

Masuda has penned nine other books, including Maya Devi — it was also launched in Nepal.

Through Seasons is published by Infocus Nepal and has been translated from Japanese into English by Japanese translators Michinori Maruta and Kathy Matsui.