I'll be there for you!

Friends are the family that we choose. They enhance our life with their presence and make the world a better place. Few of the  Kathmanduites talk about their favourite people


Tenzin Tseten Bhutia, Fashion Designer

I have had so many memorable moments with my friends Sijan Bhattachan and Anjana Mali Kayastha. Although we have known each other for just about five years now it seems like we have been friends since forever.

On one New Year’s eve, I remember, we decided to be punk and go to a

party. One had chopped her hair and the other went wild with her makeup. The moment we reached there, I could feel all eyes on us. Nevertheless, we enjoyed that moment and we laugh about it even today.  We made some special memories together; they are the best companions  I can hope for.

“Happy Friendship Day to my heartbeats.”



 Nattu Shah, Singer

The craziest times I had was with my friend Lucky because almost every time we hang out we end up having the most bizarre time of our lives. With her it’s probably the day we promised we wouldn’t drink again and then someone opened a beer and we turned around to take a sip.  There went our promise down the sip! She is family to me because even though you know you are surrounded by a lot of people in your life

only she will understand you, your sarcasm and wit.

“No matter what part of the continent we end up in I am

certain we will always trunk call each other just to complain about someone or something.”


Photos by: Sanu Raja Maharjan

Location: The Victory Lounge, Durbarmarg