Simple yet elegant

KATHMANDU: 'International Watercolor Festival cum Plein AIR Workshop' began on November 3 with the opening of watercolour painting exhibition at Nepal Art Council, Babermahal. Artists from 38 different countries — 65 from Nepal and 155 from other countries — are showcasing 225 artworks, as well as holding live demonstration and workshop in the festival.

“We aim to strengthen existing watercolour artists by giving them a platform to execute their work, and encourage new artists to accept this medium proudly and dream for better future,” expressed NB Gurung, President of International Watercolor Society (IWS) Nepal.

IWS Nepal has organised the festival in association with Cultural Corporation of Nepal. Gurung believes the festival will “promote Nepali tourism along with sharing and exchanging of ideas and culture between different countries”.

The artists have chosen to depict everyday life, landscape, festivities, flowers, animals, portraits and more in their paintings. In Ze Ze Lai’s  (Hong Kong) 'Fall Colors', she has painted a small bird sitting on a branch of tree bearing orange flowers. Using hues like orange, black, white and grey, she has created a photographic image. Her technique focuses on the main subjects while the background is blurred — her technique is unique.

Another artist form Hong Kong K P Maggie has painted glass bottles and a marble which is realistic. The transparency of the glasses and their shadows on the black and white background is stunning.

The paintings are simple and so are the subjects. But they are elegant and inspiring. Raksha Gurung’s (Nepal) green boots in ‘The Boot’ talk to you. The boots have been painted in such a way that it gives an impression that some hardworking person, who is not present in the painting, has just taken off the boots and thrown them in a dark corner of a room and gone to take rest after a hard day’s work.

The watercolour painting exhibition is on till November 10.