Need for peace, harmony

KATHMANDU: Lord Buddha is the symbol of peace and harmony. In this time of difficulty due to blockade and fuel crisis, peace and harmony can help humanity. With similar message artist BK Nar Bahadur has come up with his 11th solo exhibition ‘Buddha and Harmony. The exhibition started on December 29, 2015 at Mithila Yain Art Gallery, Thamel.

The exhibition features Buddha’s face close up and at the background the artist has painted landscape, objects like lotus flower, seashells, Tibetan script and so on. There are 20 paintings in the exhibition and BK has

his reasons to paint Buddha on the canvas.

“Various mishaps occurring in our country like blockade, and violence and terrorist attack in the world, made me feel the need of peace and harmony. Through my painting I symbolically indicated that Lord Buddha’s teaching is the only thing that can help sustain humanity in the world.”

He further explained the meaning behind choosing Buddha as motif, “The teachings of Lord Buddha or his philosophy about life is easy to relate and they are very practical. I am from Lumbini — birthplace of Buddha. So, I am inclined towards his teaching since childhood.”

Though he has captured Buddha in his painting, every Buddha is different. The only common aspect in all is — the serene look on Buddha’s face.

Relating to the element of Buddha, BK has created a series of five paintings where background and colours are different but all those paintings have same facial feature. The colours used are blue, white, red, green and yellow where he explained, “Blue represents sky that means vacant, white represents clouds meaning movement, red represents rock meaning solid/ strong, green represents plants reflecting prosperity, and yellow represents earth symbolising energy/fertilisation. All these elements are necessary for life on this earth.”

The exhibition continues till January 3.