Nepalaya publishes 'Kavi Shiromani Rachanawali'


KATHMANDU: Nepalaya publication house on Monday released 'Kabi Shiromani Rachanawali' a five volume compilation, which includes all the literary works of Kabi Shiromani Lekhnath Poudel.

The literary works of the Kabi Shiromani were launched on his death anniversary, on Falgun 7 of the Nepali calendar.

Many prominent people from the Nepali literary field were present at the launch event held at Nepalaya Publication House's 'R Shala' in Kalikasthan.

Born in Arghaun Archale, a village east of Pokhara, he (1884-1966) was a towering icon of Nepali Literature. Poudel was praised as an ‘Academician of Saintly Imagination' by Mahakabi Laxmi Prasad Devkota.

Kabi Shiromani's unpublished works, as well as a collection of other published works, have been compiled in this collection.

According to Kiran Krishna Shrestha of Nepalaya, initiation was taken to preserve important works of Nepali literature by legendary author, is to be cherished and enjoyed by readers now and in the future.

The contents of the books were compiled and edited by Sanat Kumar Wasti.

The value added limited edition of ‘Kabi Shiromani Rachanawali’ comes as a set of five hardbound books with a price tag of NPRs. 6975.