Nepalaya to launch historic fiction 'Ranahar'

KATHMANDU: Nepalaya Books is set to launch 'Ranahar' a fictionalised account based on historic portrayal of the last Malla king Ranajeet, authored by History Scholar, Yogesh Raj.

The novel has been titled Ranahar meaning defeat in war. Ranahar unfolds the stories of Bhaktapur's last Malla King, Ranajeet, how he was defeated by Gorkhali King Prithivi Narayan Shah, the publisher said in a statement. "The novel also elaborates on events leading to defeat and ultimate surrender by Mallas to the Gorkhali King. The author Yogesh Raj has redefined stories being told about this segment of Nepali history."

The novel has been compiled and narrated in plain language to make readers experience an era in Nepal's history. "It would help readers to interpret the situation," the publisher added.

Author Yogesh Raj, an acclaimed scholar of history has keen interest in History of Bhaktapur.

Meanwhile, the book is being released on Saturday, June 2, coinciding with Nepal International Book Fair.