No biz like showbiz...

Dov Simens is coming to town to reveal Hollywood filmmaking secrets — screenwriting, directing and shooting.  The guru of well known filmmakers such as Quentin Tarantino talked exclusively to TGIF about the serious art of show business. Excerpts:  

Dov is…

An independent filmmaker and number one film instructor who makes no pretense. Furthermore, my wife thinks I am a number one dream maker.

What is the purpose of visit to Nepal?

Nepal has a film industry; it has the required actors, equipments, crew and most importantly a wonderful location, which many filmmakers dream of. But somehow Nepali films don’t seem to be recognised in the global market. I want to teach how to take Nepali films on the global market through my ‘2 Day Film School’.

Tell us more about your ‘2 Day Film School’…

It’s for professionals. It’s straight up show business and not art show. When it comes to films everyone seems to talk about art and then later complain there is no business. I will teach what show business is all about.

On January 22, I will be teaching how to make feature films and on January 23 I will be teaching how to market and finance feature films. I can’t teach talent or work ethics but I can teach business.

I will be teaching how to get into the movie industry, be more efficient and profitable. I will be revealing the Hollywood secrets to the participants.

You have launched the careers of many well-known actors, what is the one common advice you give them all?

Screen writing, keep it simple and write a great script.

What makes a great actor?

Someone who can make profit.

Such as… Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep. I am not talking about their acting merits but their movies are the highest selling blockbusters.

A film issue that you strongly believe in…

I am not into issues, I am all about how much money and profit a film makes. I am not into the emotional subject. For me it’s simple as let’s make movies, let’s make profits.

Have you watched any Nepali movies?

I understand the Kollywood market. Also I have come across ‘Hostel’ and ‘Kabaddi; they are doing a great job franchising their movie.

Dov Simen profile

Dov Simen profile In 1998, the National Association of Film Schools recognised Dov as America’s number one Film Instructor.

He has been credited for launching more than 1,000 film careers, which includes those of Oscar and Emmy award winning screenwriters, directors, filmmakers, producers and actors.

He will be conducting ‘2 Day Film School’ arranged by the US Embassy and The Kathmandu School of Cinema on January 22 to 23 at the Nepal Tourism Board.