Reflecting beauty glass art

Unique custom designs and the charm of glass art is attracting a lot of demand


When it comes to a home decoration, one cannot deny the importance of glass. Be it plain glass for windows, decorative mirrors, sky lights or glass art, they all give your home an elegant and classic touch. In recent years, the demand for glass has grown with great popularity to beautify homes.

There are a few companies to provide with glass art that provide the best options for you to choose from. Glassic Studio at Tripureshwor, Amatya Glass Centre at Kalimati and Glass Guard at Baneshwor to name few which deal with glass etching, crystal glass etching, stained glass, texture glass, mirror beveled glass, acid textures, sand blasting and lacquered glass both in plain and toughened glass.

“It has been 13 years that we have introduced glass art in Nepal and the demand for glass art is growing every year,” said Nilesh Joshi, Director at Glassic Studio that specialises in glass art. Citing that glass etching is pure handwork, he said, “Quality work with fine finishing is what makes us different from others.” The studio makes all kind of custom designs except for human faces. “Customers like abstract art a lot. Besides that we have also started to promote Nepali designs,” he added. According to him, glass art can be used as paintings for doors, windows, walls, cabinet doors, floors, sky light and false ceiling. Reportedly, most of the required chemicals, glass, colours et cetera are imported from India.

Gajendra Amatya, Proprietor at Amatya Glass Centre, said, “Be it for interiors or exteriors, glass has gained popularity as an important construction material and the charm of glass art is also increasing.”  He said that glass art is preferred by customers owing to its uniqueness, aesthetic looks and easy options. According to him, toughened glass etching is in demand for safety reasons.

Glass etching

Glass etching comprises the techniques of creating on the surface of glass applying acidic, caustic, or abrasive substances. Patterns, art, figures, designs et cetera as per customers’ choice can be etched on the glass except for human faces. It costs Rs 1,250 per sq ft for non-colour and Rs 1,750 per sq ft for colour glass etching. The price fluctuates d epending upon designs and figures. This kind of art is perfect for doors, windows, partitions, sky lights, bathroom doors, false ceilings and in other rooms as per the interest.

Crystal glass etching

It pastes glass cuttings on the surface of glass etchings to make it look embossed. This kind of etching is used for unique show pieces. Besides the price of glass etching, it costs Rs 400 and Rs 500 per piece for non-colour and colour glass pasting respectively. Price of the glass depends on thickness and type.

Lacquered glass

Lacquered glass is basically used instead of veneer on the surface of wardrobes, table tops, pillars, cabinets, et cetera. Use of this glass gives an extra shine and unique look which is also easy to clean. It can be obtained in one, two and multi colour glass surfaces that cost Rs 750, Rs 1,050 and Rs 1,250 per sq ft respectively.

Beveled glass

Etching on the edges of mirror is known as beveled glass. Beveled glass is popular for enhancing the look of mirrors. It costs Rs 120 per sq ft above depending upon design.