In search of human values

KATHMANDU: Veteran artist Pramila Giri has explored human values through her life’s journey using the medium of oil paintings, wood and metal sculptures. You can witness her discoveries from 1976 till 2014 that are on display at her exhibition of sculptures and paintings—'Search for Human Values' at Nepal Art Council, Babermahal.

The images of Bhairav, The Images of Tibet and The Images of Impressions — Giri has divided her journey of life in three series in the exhibition. And her sculptures and paintings, which are in huge size, awaken your senses.

As you enter the first floor of the gallery, a copper mask symbolising Bhairav pasted on the top of an oil painting welcomes you. The painting 'Birds are flying' is from the series 'The Images of Bhairav'. Three different canvases have formed one painting and different shades of red and yellow have painted various shapes to give an impression of a flying eagle against the dark blue backdrop. The painting in abstract form also gives an impression of a uterus.

"Art is life, and my first love. The exhibition depicts suffering and joy of life, struggle in life and the ups and downs of life," Giri expressed about her exhibition.

In her artworks, her reflection on beauty, experience and learning also come live. The paintings are abstract, strong and full of texture with the use of the primary colours like blue, red and yellow which she did with her hands instead of brushes.

And the sculptures 'Protector', 'Bhairav' among others are huge and bold.

The exhibition that started on October 22 is on till November 20.