Style your Home

A wonderful marriage of contemporary art and design, it is evident that Rajesh Dhakhwa has given much thought to his tastefully designed home. Travel & Lifestyle gives you a peek into his amazing abode

In the heart of Patan lies Rajesh Dhakhwa's two storey home. The exterior of the house is designed in the European open concept and painted bright yellow. Built eight years ago, Rajesh’s wife Poonam Dhakhwa did the planning and structural design of the house and Rajesh himself designed the interiors. The house has six bedrooms, a living room, a dining area, a kitchen, a bar and a 1,500 sq ft basement area which is Rajesh’s workstation.

The Living Room

As you enter Rajesh's house, brass urulis with floating flower petals welcome you. Comfortable sofas and chairs upholstered in brown are livened up with colourful cushion covers. An eye-catching art of Buddha dons a section of a purple painted wall breaking the monotony of the otherwise white walls.

The Dining Area

Just next to the bar is the dining area and kitchen, separated by a see-through curtain. The dining area has a set of comfortable brown-toned chairs with a chandelier to add some class. A section of the wall in the dining hall is painted in purple while it is designed according to the Lotus Mandala theme. Rajesh says, "My favourite corner in the house is the dining area. We all lead very busy lives but dinner time is family time and we make it a point to have dinner together every night.”


The Bar

Utilising the small space adjacent to living room is the bar. A vertical crackled glass with soothing lights compliment the white-blue carpet on the floor. "This place is for having fun," says Rajesh unabashedly. Diverse foreign liquors are exhibited at his bar where his guests can also enjoy different flavours of hookah.


The Master Bedroom

On the first floor is the master bedroom. It is a place to lay back, sit and relax after a busy day in Rajesh's shoes. Spacious, the bedroom interiors are designed in black and white with wall texture, closet, curtains and bed side table all set according to the theme. The room’s design is minimalist and its allure lies in its simplicity.