The Desi Connection

As you enter the sundeck dining area at the Soaltee Crowne Plaza, you are transported into a realm of trucks, local stalls of refreshments, alcohol, an assorted menu and blaring old Bollywood music. It is ‘Happy Singh Da Dhaba’, an annual, much awaited food festival that is the talk of the town. Travel & Lifestyle experiences the authentic ambience of a dhaba which has been improvised over the years.

Kapur Thala Station — Live

Gurda, Kapura, Kaleji

An assorted range of meat sizzling on a wide pan is a sight voracious non-vegetarians cannot ignore. The perfect indulgence of masala and condiments in a live cooking station is what the festival truly incorporates.

Bhatti Se

Maki ki Roti, Aloo Kulcha

Maki ki roti is a popular Punjabi flat bread made from corn flour. Generously laden with butter and sizzling this simple dish will catch your fancy.The crisp as well as soft leavened bread, Aloo Kulcha has a spiced potato filling and a bite will leave you asking for recipes from the chef.

Khud Ustad Bano aur Khao

Patthar ki Kabab

The delicately cooked patthar ki kabab stays true to its name. Cooked over charcoal, the well-marinated lamb will definitely entice your taste buds as a starter.

Kukud Chandani

The authentic Punjabi chicken starter, succulently marinated and prepared with rich flavours, is served with an array of condiments such as bhuna pyaz, dahi chutey, mint chutney, amchur, mustard oil and the likes.

Vaishno Da Dhaba

Sarsoun da Saag

A gastronomical delight, the sarsoun da saag certainly has a rich taste of its own. One must indulge in it to reveal the real taste of dhaba.

Baigan Baghare

Popular egg plant curry in Indian cuisine, Baigan Baghare is a relatively mellow recipe with spices and is best served with roti, pulao, biryani and the likes. Experience it only at the Happy Singh Da Dhaba!

Jeeta Military Hotel

Firoj Pur wale Murgh

The Firoj Pur wale Murgh and its gravy brings out the true taste of the cuisine. Preferably served with biryani, it alone is wonderfully capable of making you lick your

finger tips.

Kake Halwai Di Hatti

Khajur Chena Payesh

Don’t forget to please your sweet tooth with this marvellous dessert. Its rich, milky texture finely complements the Indian spices.

Mudka wali kulfi

Taking you down memory lane the kulfi adds a nice touch to your grand meal.